Java development with Lambda Expression in Java SE 8

ShowCover.aspxJava SE 8 is the latest release in programming world with big changes and various significant improvements. One of the most remarkable changes is Lambda expressions. This is a significant improvement that allows java developers to work as functional java programmers India. With the help of lambda expression, it is easy to refer methods and call functions in straight forward manner.

From last one decade, Java is top programming choice by development team worldwide. But it does not allow programmers to pass function in straight forward manner. This is the reason why Lambda expressions were included in new Java 8 series. According to Java development services team and experts, Lambda expression is biggest improvement in programming model ever.

Other main features in Java SE 8

  • API for time and date management

The new Java SE 8 series has API for managing time and date. Old classes are removed or replaced by new intuitive set of capabilities. With the help of new classes, you can manage date and time zones more intelligently and innovatively.

  • Stream API for Collection Management.

New tools are added to Java SE8 series to manage collection that includes maps, sets, lists etc. Now you can break process into multiple CPU’s threads. Complex data can be handled or managed quickly as compared to past versions. In this way, you can notice significant performance improvement.

Is Java SE8 Available for Programmers?

Java SE 8 has already been released in March 2014. It is compatible with web application and internet application frameworks that support rich media content. Either you wanted to move on Java SE 8 or not depend on your project requirement. For variegated client and server side application, it is available quickly. Sadly, it is not available for android yet. But experts are making hard efforts to make it compatible with android also.

To know more on Lambda expressions and features of Java SE8 version, contact our expert team right away. Stay tuned with us for out of box programming experience and more innovative use of Lambda expressions in Java SE 8 version.


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