What to do and don’t do While Hiring an ASP.NET MVC Developer?

How to find and hire ASP.NET MVC Developer?

Technology has evolved a lot in last few years. It would not be an exaggeration that technology is evolving at a rapid speed. ASP.Net is a technology which has completely changed the way how users used to practice, process and interact with the ideas in their daily life. It was introduced by the Microsoft Corporation to provide developers with an all new robust technology which can build trustable and sustainable apps on Internet. Now, ASP.NET has grown so much that it can compete with ever evolving needs of users.


ASP.NET offers systematized programming approach which is in great demand among developers. ASP.NET has gained a lot of popularity in last few years and this is the reason that it is getting bigger and better by day and day.

What to do While Hiring an ASP.NET MVC Developer?


Just going through the development portfolio is not a right way to hire an ASP.NET mvc developer. Try to get into the details as much as you can and if possible, enquire the provider by yourself. Going with reliable personal references is a good choice. You can trust on internet searches but, you will need to do a complete verification which is a time consuming process.
While looking at the portfolio section, do not forget to check out the credentials of the applicant like partners and certificates. You should try to get more details on how the applicant helped the company with Asp.net development. Taking a look at the reviews and ratings is also a decent way while hiring an ASP.NET mvc developer. Always read all the terms and policies attached with the portfolio.

What Not to Do While Hiring ASP.NET MVC Developer?


ASP.NET developer plays a very vital role so making hurry while hiring an ASP.NET developer is not a desirable thing to do. Your money and project, both are on the stake so don’t just trust a company just because their portfolio looks beautiful. Always ask company’s brochure and accreditation certificates while doing the hiring.

Never ever hire a person or company before checking the qualifications in details. Make sure that the applicant possesses all the necessary and required experience needed to do the job. Experienced applicant should always be given the priority. Discussing about the past projects and applicants view on those projects is a good step while hiring an ASP.NET MVC developer.


Why hadoop applications fail and what are the remedies to avoid failure?

Big data is leading the market today and Hadoop is the most concrete technology behind this trend.


Most companies have started experimenting with Hadoop and building applications to transform their businesses in real. However, when hadoop applications fail to cater desired expectations, it becomes costly failure. To get successful application, you need to look at the promises of big data analytics that will tell you the way to avoid costly, disillusioning failure.

#  Short supply of data scientists

Data scientists are the people who possess great talent to bear complex statistical analysis techniques, programming skills, business insight, incredible innovative issue solving capabilities, and cognitive psychology. However, the supply of these people is low and thus, companies have less resources to handle hadoop based applications services.

Acquiring or developing capability of data science is a significant factor in a big data project.

#  Shortage of big data tools

Shortcoming of big data tools is the major reason behind the data scientist talent gap. They need more effective analysis framework and toolkit, not what at present is offered by Hadoop and its ecosystem. These tools are in the wish list of data scientists as they can make a wide audience reach with these tools.

#  Low data quality

Hadoop as the basis for several big data projects gets success not just because of its capacity to store and process large quantities of data in economic way, but it can also accept any form of data. However, this approach involves various risk factors- automatic generated data might be changing structure instantly and after long time when you come for data mining, you may find it difficult to determine its structure.

You need to pay attention to the format and quality of data streaming inside hadoop software applications. Do ensure the identification of structure is done and quality of the data is checked by you.

How to get top N words count using Big Data Hadoop MapReduce paradigm with developer’s assistance

Aegis big data hadoop developers are posting this article to let the development community know how to get top N words frequency count via distinct articals in a sorted way using hadoop MapReduce paradigm. You can try your hands on the code shared in this post and feedback your experience later.

How To Benefit Out Of Mobile Responsive Java Application Development And Make It Big?

Java, one of the richly chained and powerful programming languages for software development in the enterprise level, can make reap you benefits when added with mobile responsive strategy and really make your business flourish.

With the world’s inmates watching their outer space through the fascinating smartphones, the need to fit into their space has doubled for websites in order to grab the attention of good amount of users.

Though the desktop-compatible web designs are cheaper, the need of the hour is to create more user-reachable designs which is only possible by creating mobile responsive applications so as to meet the requirements of 60% of web users.

The technology advancement is as challenging as its sophistication. Yes! It is of course pretty challenging to meet the requirements of people who make it to the web every now and then from their quirky smart devices. However, since java is a write it once and run it anywhere application, it can be easy play with it until it reaps success.mobile responsiveEspecially when it comes to websites that showcase a company’s services through online means to global clientele, the reaching out is extremely important as business boosters are the no of hits the website gets.

Write a java code and its performance is surprising. This is an undeniable fact. Java has already proven its consistency, reliability and efficiency in the software arena and now the only space it needs to be put in is in par with the mobile responsive means.

Benefits of combining java and the mobile responsive strategies is that java is as it is very much easy to develop, one time coding and promptly delivery application. Blending it with mobile responsive strategy will help website players to grab more visibility and relatively increased sales resulting in boost in the business.

With its exclusive security mapping and impressive delivery, java can make it big for companies, for java plus mobile friendly algorithm is a sure shot way to success. All you need to do is get an able developer. Java is an application that needs right hands to do right coding for perfect delivery. Once for all coding with best inputs will produce miraculous results.

Therefore, for java application development to make big for you, push it in with the mobile responsive strategy and your business will simply flourish.

How to Use Spring Batch and Connect It to Database in Java Development?

Implementing a batch process for managing gigabytes of data is no doubt a hectic job; however, Spring Batch assistance makes the job easier for Java developers and programmers. Spring Batch is a renowned module that has been intended to manage batch processing details for all kinds of files. You can start with Spring Batch by developing a simple importing job, which will import the products from CSV file and send them to the MySQL database and later explore the batch processing capabilities using one or multiple processors and helpful tasklets. At the end, you can have a quick overview of the resiliency tools in Spring Batch for retrying records, skipping records, and restarting batch jobs.

A batch processing system has to manage huge amounts of data, handle the individual records failure without breaking down the entire process, and manage pauses and restarts without re-doing of already done tasks.

Spring batch

Job of the Spring Batch system

The core processing of Spring Batch involves distinct steps-

  1. Reading
  2. Processing
  3. Writing

How to connect Spring Batch to a database?

spring batch connect to databaseSpring Batch maintains a tables set that is used to record the present or ongoing state of jobs and the processed records. In case a job needs to be restarted, with Spring Batch, it can continue from where it was paused.

Spring Batch can be connected to any database of your choice; however, we are using MYSQL. You can download the community version for free as it will meet your requirements. Once the set up is installed, you will need to develop a database and a user that has permissions to communicate with that database. You need to launch mysql from the command line, from MySQL’s bin directory and implement the following code-

create database spring_batch_example;
create user 'sbe'@'localhost' identified by 'sbe';
grant all on spring_batch_example.* to 'sbe'@'localhost';

The starting line develops a new database – spring_batch_example, this database will maintain your products. The second code line will develop a user- sbe with the password sbe. The end line allows sbe user to access spring_batch_example database.