Java And Javascripts – Two Different Programming Languages For Developers

In case you met a novice java developer, you may find him struggling with a confusion that Java and JavaScripts are same- but we know the truth; that is both are programming languages used by developers for creating different applications.


Java, a product of Sun Microsystems, is generally used by developers to program applications. Java code is executed within a virtual machine, which means a java app can be distributed without any worry about distinct architectures and OS on which app might run.

JavaScript, on another hand, is used as a scripting language. Developers use JavaScript only inside of web pages. It depends on the code how your web page will look and operate. For instance, if you use JavaScript for creating a drop down menu, it will expand when you move the cursor on it.

Both the languages, i.e. Java and JavaScript have different libraries. Java offers large standard library that is been standardized in the java standard. This empowers java developers to leverage widest range of tools while code writing. However, JavaScript’s library is pretty smaller and usually related to performing with HTML code inside the web page.

What’s next that create confusion about these two programming languages- the fact that developers can use Java in a web page as a java applet. It is a tiny part of the web page where you run java code and is showcase in the browser window. Java Developers generally use java applets for building highly advanced features in the browser, for instance a game. Whereas this can’t be expected from JavaScript as it is not powerful enough to intend a complex design for a game and thus, Java makes a clear win. The Java code will run the same regardless of browser type you use until you remove the Java plug-in from web browser. You can’t do the same with JavaScript as it is often implemented differently in the distinct web browsers and require several compatibility hacks.

Both Java and Javascript can be used as web languages, yet it is important for aspiring programmers to learn JavaScript. Due to slow speed, java is not used often by developers on the web. In short, Java and JavaScript are two different programming languages having different uses, but you cannot interchange them with each other. This must be clear as many java software development companies ask interviewees about Java and Javascript. If you want to join any of the companies as a java developer, do remember all the points we have discussed in this article.

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