Month: July 2016

.Net Developers In India – Need Of The Hour

India has become the hub of technology, in fact the youth of today is synonymous with the IT generation.IT is regarded as one of the most lucrative career option which also provides an easy connect to the western nations.

With technology fast evolving, the internet and the cloud have seen a lot of advancements however the fundamentals still remain the same. This goes well with .net as well. There are already loads of .net developers in India and the demand is still growing as .NET is a very widely used language.

Apart from just offshore demand there is a lot of outsourcing demand for software professionals who are regularly needed to work both onsite as well as offshore. As we all are aware, that there is a huge supply of software professionals in India which leads to a competitive advantage for India. Therefore, India is able to provide its software development services at a cheaper price as compared to from the western countries, which leads to outsourcing of all the development work from all over the world to India.web dev .net

Why Is .NET Suitable In Various Industries?

  • We all are aware that .NET is one of the most preferred languages as far as development is concerned.However the big question is why it is one of the most desired languages. There are very many reason for it to be so.Few of the reasons are because of growing web technology and growing virtual presence of business and customers, customers extensive knowledge and readiness to learn and adapt and the growth of business which now require a must robust platform to sell their services.
  • .NET is one of the most preferred languages and very versatile and is widely being used in B2C and B2B ,along with many eCommerce businesses. ASP.Net us also very suitable for research and marketing purpose such as polls and survey website which aims at capturing the views of the audience. Other than that it plays a very vital role in CMS, newsletters and forums, as it is easy to comprehend and understand.
  • Other than functionality, .NET works out to be more feasible as compared to its counterpart as it requires less rework and has a greater appeal factor.

.Net developers in India are very much in demand because of their caliber and growing need and demand for the language. There are many ways buy which they are paid, however broadly two ways are much more in use which is pay per hour and a predicated project based cost.

These negotiations are normally left for the senior management to do, basically the .net developers in India are generally paid a monthly salary unlike contractors who work on a fixed price per day or project. Last but not the least, technology has previously changed and will definitely change and evolve according to the changing environment, however a budding .net developer must always understand the importance of fundamentals, as the fundamentals never change ,it’s just the way how they are used changes.

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