Java – The Best Career Option For You

Java is one of the best things to have happened to the IT after the C++ programming language. It is the foundation of many websites, server-based and web-based applications and programs and is a great career option for the programming sector. Speaking of career development, you have an excellent scope in Java programming as it combines technical knowledge with creative thinking to create a product that could change the face of the Programming Language. However, what are the other aspects that make Java a fantastic career option for our future programmers? Read on to find the answer to this question.

Java jobs

   1. What is Java all about?

In simple terms, Java can be described as an object-oriented programming that simplifies coding and develops applications for software developers. Apart from being free of cost, it is user-friendly, highly secure and can be worked using reusable codes. It works on independent multiple platforms, and can automate memory management. It comes with reliable features such as frameworks, developmental equipment, APIs, IDEs and libraries. Java also allows embedded computing which helps in advancing personalised big data solutions.

   2. New developments in Java

Java has recently made a few changes in its features, which are some of the reasons which is so well-known in IT sectors.

a) Java has been recommended by Google for Android App Designing.
b) A feature known as Lambda Expressions of Java helps in functioning programming style coding.
c) The Interface with a Static and Default approach redesigns the system to help with present interface without execution.
d) Java has replaced the PermGen Space with a Metaspace for JVM Metadata storage.
e) Though not officially a default feature, you do get a Garbage collection option in Java.
f) You can work on I/O in Java using the Java.nio library.
g) You are assured of data security, thanks to its multiple security features.
h) Works with simple software development, and comes with a set of APIs.

  3. What are the career options for Java?

Java programmers can work with top software companies in a variety of fields such as web developers, application developers, app developers, software developers, web programmer and EJB programmer. Senior programmers can go on to work as Project Managers and Senior Managers in IT industries. Software industries always look for Java programmers to develop online web-based and server-based applications, firm applications and software industries – which generate a great income.

Candidates can even try for career options in Java Programming, Application Development along with EJB, Operating System Fundamentals, Programming, Software Engineering, Servelets and JSP Programming, Object Oriented Concept, Java for Android and Web Development, to name a few. The salary of a beginner-level Java programmer can range from Rs. 2 lakh to Rs. 5 lakh per annum. However, as in any job sector, your salary and perks also greatly depend on your qualifications and certificate courses, if any.

  4. The search for a good Java Institute

It is important to pursue Java Programming from a good institute to reap its career benefits. Therefore, you should look for premier institutes that offer the availability of various career options, regular online assistance, laboratory and practical facilities, live projects and lastly, the promise of a good income. Only such high-quality certification or training courses from good institutes would add value to your resume.

Java jobs Rajkot is thus one of the most preferred career options for the tech-savvy generation. Not only does it offer excellent pay, you would also be assured of complete job satisfaction and be able to present a successful corporate image of yourself within a short time.


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