The Java Web Development Trends to Pick Momentum in 2018

Java is a development and programming language that’s been around for decades now. As we have stepped into 2018, we are sure there will be numerous Java web development innovations and challenges that we will have to talk about in the future.

We will also have to wait and see how these development challenges affect the people working on the language. According to Markus Eisele, a regular speaker at Java conferences and one of the leading Java enthusiasts, a major change happening in the Java community is that the general notion of Java release cycles from one major release in two years has shifted to more regular updates every few months. In the Open JDK, organizations will have to battle with the short support cycles, and up their levels.

java development trends

Some Java development trends that will be the focal of programming this year are-

  • Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning – Previously, most of the AI and ML applications were developed in C and Python, but these programming languages are not exclusive to the applications anymore. Some Java frameworks like Deep learning for help Java developers get a hand at developing quick and robust Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning applications. And, Java developers throughout the world want to do that because these technologies are growing the fastest.
  • Microservices – The evolutionary architecture concepts like microservices will be pushing harder on developers this year. Microservice architecture demands that an application built as a collection of a few modular services that loosely coupled with each other. Microservices are a variant of the popular Service-Oriented Architecture. Data Distribution happens to be a challenge around building working microservices. While most companies have figured the functional and technical aspects of microservices, still data distribution needs to be addressed.
  • Serverless apps – There is a rise in the demand and applications of Functions as a Service that allows developers to build applications and services from tiny components and provides the ability to scale cost and capacity of applications as and when the demand arrives. Developers’ interest in serverless applications is bound to increase as the demand for such applications ad the knowledge base around the subject increases.
  • Blockchain – Blockchain has become the official buzzword for 2018, too. After the ebb and flow in the cryptocurrencies market, governments trying to make order out of the chaos, people investing in cryptocurrencies, and organizations hoping to exploit Blockchain technology, Java developers have not been far behind. The Java tech community is trying to find out many other uses of the technology and will be on the top of its toes developing some revolutionary applications based on Blockchain.
  • Java Development – The Java community is expected to be more vibrant this year than ever. With Java SE entering into a phase of six-month release cycles, Oracle’s JDK components migrating to the open-source OpenJDK, Java EE coming to Eclipse, the Java community will grow cohesive and will be buzzing all year round in 2018. Java had often faced the criticism of being a slowly updated language, and with the six-month release cycles, each year, the Java developers will see new features brought in, twice!
  • Java 10 – Java 9 arrived last year, but as the predictions were rife, the update did not have an impact that Java 8 did. Therefore, Java 9 has had a slow adoption as it forces developers to update their applications for using the modular system. Java 10 has been predicted to showcase some major performance features, and people are vouching for it.

With all these latest developments in the programming language, the Java Web App Development is excited to be a part of it this time in their lives, and we can hope to see some major feature and performance upgrades from Java!

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