New Updates Rolled Out For Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online Users

The new version of Microsoft Dynamics CRM online 2016 focuses on three areas, i.e. productivity, mobility, and unified service. It is available in 130 markets and 44 languages. Users can get the both on-demand product and on-premises installation. Talking precise, officials rolled out Dynamics CRM 2016, Dynamics CRM online 2016 update, Dynamics Marketing 2016 update and Microsoft social engagement 2016 update.

New updates rolled out for Microsoft dynamics CRM online users

Productivity section of CRM 2016 seamlessly embeds into productivity tools, such as CRM app for Outlook, OneDrive, Office 365, and SharePoint for business. Mobility section includes complete offline mobile capabilities for tablets and mobile phones. It also has ability to create task-based mobile apps, cortana integration, and mobile app management with MS Intune. Unified service section delivers a single, unified solution for customer service across field service, self-service, and agent-assisted service.

Customer experience has become priority for brands yet some companies find difficulty in delivering great customer experience to their users. The motive behind these enhancements is to enable such companies to deliver amazing customer experiences via intelligent customer engagement. There are professionals offering end-to-end customer engagement solutions with which companies can deliver customer experiences that are personalized, predictive, and proactive.


Officials will enhance CRM app for Outlook, deliver Excel templates, harness the Office 365 Groups power, surface trending documents, OneDrive for business, etc.


Users will get intelligent processes for sales, marketing and services with the Cortana power and machine leaning.


They will continue to invest in mobile capabilities for phones and tablets with complete offline mobile capabilities, mobile app management, the ability to design task-based apps with next generation Cortana integration and MS Intune that surfaces CRM data to drive proactive interaction and voice-driven CRM.

With the recent updates Microsoft Dynamics CRM online , companies can empower their marketing team to seamlessly go as per the planning, execution, leveraging the power of Office 365 and Power BI to measure marketing performance across channels from beginning to end as it will help in bringing the marketing vision to life. Companies can engage their clients, build sales pipeline, and demo the impact of marketing investments in real time.

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With recent features unveiled for MS dynamics CRM 2015, several enhancements have been made to outlook and the Sync process. Microsoft CRM developers will note and outline all major enhancements in this post for entire CRM development community across the world.


Microsoft CRM Consultants Sharing Top Reasons to Use HubSpot and CRM Integration Services

It is the communication that keeps the relationship alive. Whether it is with relatives or clients, communication is a crucial thing to flourish relationship. Companies are making full utilization of communication to attract major leads from the market. Sales and marketing teams work together to get success. Sales team needs marketing in order to generate leads, while marketing team needs sales to close the leads they get. HubSpot and CRM integration help in enhancing communication between these two teams in several ways. Microsoft dynamics CRM integration consultants will explain why you should use such integration option.

Microsoft CRM consultants sharing top reasons to use HubSpot and CRM integration services

1. Automation :

This is a waste of thing if you really love doing data entry! HubSpot/CRM integration eliminates manual work by its automation technology. This will save your time and also ensure no entry gets skip from the list.

2. ROI :

Integrating the CRM and HubSpot is helpful in ensuring good ROI. It helps in determining the ROI of the inbound marketing by analyzing the new clients value and closings.

3. Closed loop reporting :

With this integrating tool, user can avail closed-loop analytics in HubSpot, with which he is able to keep the record when CRM leads convert to closings.

4. Record owner :

User has facility to customize emails to be sent by lead owner by syncing the CRM record owner’s name and email address to HubSpot.

5. Opt-out status :

This is an interesting feature rolled out by officials to allow user to sync a lead’s email subscription status to Hubspot and from HubSpot.

6. List segmentation :

List segmentation ensures that the sales team is having an access to qualified leads that are ready to buy.

7. Lead intelligence :

User can receive latest HubSpot analytic and conversion data to the CRM software. He can also sync the public profile URL of the contact to help sales team to review all the activities of the contact in HubSpot without login.

There are more features offered by CRM/Hubspot integration. You can explore more benefits online. For more updates regarding CRM technology, you can look after this space in future. You can even make queries to Microsoft dynamics CRM integration consultants regarding CRM and HubSpot integration. They will get in touch with you soon and reply.

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A CRM outsourcing services providing company hires CRM experts to bring most sophisticated solutions for the clients. While working on recent project, the Microsoft dynamics CRM online development team determined the steps to create dynamic chart on CRM page with the help of Chart.js and javascript.

How CRM Integration Services Help Ease Implementation Of The System?

Integration of CRM solutions can be little hard on executives and managers. Moreover, if a company has ever introduced any sort of software, process, or system for its team for daily use, it must be aware of all those difficulties. Microsoft dynamics CRM integration services can be an ideal answer to such difficulties.

You may heard things like-

  • “We are used to the process, and we are meeting the results.”
  • “We think we need one more system to manage.”
  • “How can a software program bring revolutionary change in our routine process?”

Once CRM is implemented to your environment, you may face such kind of pushback. And it’s unarguable- our habits create us. When we become used to of any program or thing, we like it to stay that way. And this is how marketing and sales team does their job without any exception.

Fortunately, implementing CRM solutions don’t frustrate anybody. You can contact the services providers for CRM integration facilities as they know how to smoothen implementation process in no time.

How they do it?

Right CRM

Implementing the right CRM is always fruitful as it is the system that indicates how your company and the staff get benefit from CRM system. When you integrate apt CRM system to your company’s processes, you will reap maximum benefits, such as less workload, easy and secure access to data, simplified sales process, and well-optimized revenue flow.

You may need to bear consequences for not implementing correct CRM system, such as-

  • Poor work flow
  • Wastage of resources and money
  • Inefficient performance of sales team
  • More loopholes will dig out poorly managed sales pipeline

Things you can do-

Determine your needs and plan for CRM system accordingly. Whatever the requirements are, you need to meet them all efficiently.

Right training is the next big task. Behind every perfect CRM system, there is a skilled and experienced operator. You must train the staff and let the every member learn how to use the tools and features of CRM system. If your team members understand the importance of learning tricks to use implemented CRM, you will definitely get good results from it.

Things you can do-

Ensure your employees should attend training sessions. Make use of videos during demo to make them faster learners.

CRM integration services vendors are available throughout the world. You can get your choice of CRM solutions from them today!


Do The Risks Cover Up The Major Benefits Of Outsourcing CRM Services?

Most businesses are finding CRM outsourcing as essential tool to keep their management and sales team’s operations smooth. About 40% of CRM based applications are hosted over cloud and still counting. But this is not what you can expect with outsourcing CRM and integration services operations, such as sales programs or customer care. Companies do hesitate to outsource these operations- of course, for good reason.

Outsorucing CRM

Outsourcing has its own benefits- it is cheaper, scalable, and faster to implement. What has changed is companies now have to deal with people and not with software. Managing CRM operations in-house is always good and better than outsourcing – but only for companies that can invest their huge time and resources in order to get great quality user experience without affecting other critical business aspects. But if you can’t afford this luxury, then you have no option left except outsourcing CRM services to third party vendor.

Outsourcing best fits here-

  • Operations- There is only one thing that third party vendor bring and that’s the expertise. It is important for vendors to deliver quality service to customers. Outsourcers offering complete and continuous training program to their staff and making investment in latest technologies to integrate and support multichannel interaction, such as social media, email, and telephone.
  • Growth – There is always a scope of growth when you hire third party vendor or outsource CRM services like customer care.
  • Cost- You should not be mistaken by assuming that your outsourcing partner will be cheaper than managing internal operations, there are chances when you will end up spending less while outsourcing. Moreover, you don’t need to invest in high-end infrastructure or train staff employees.

And the problem is-

  • Data- Companies are facing difficult time in maintaining data. Over the time, data records get larger and maintaining the integrity of such records becomes difficult.
  • Control- In case you have outsourced customer care from third party vendor, you will lose your brand control.
  • Relationships- CRM is about managing customer relationship and in case your vendor fails to maintain customer relationship and clients are unsatisfied, then you will end up losing your clientele.

May be due to such risks, many companies are skipping looking at the benefits of CRM outsourcing. But, still there are businesses daring to avail such services to get the best results and growth.

Indian dynamics CRM implementation companies are affordable ones!

With CRM tool, businesses are able to track customer data and the interactions done with them, which initiates unification of data and make it available to staff who are involved in the interaction. By doing this, company can get assurance for continuity in the relationship even if different staff employee may deal with clients at unique times. Microsoft dynamics CRM implementation system is software that assists companies in achieving target goals and objectives along with well-developed relationship with clients. To avail this software solution, you can outsource implementation services from Indian dynamics CRM companies when your budget is limited.

Dynamics CRM implementation companies in India are leading the market and bring assistance for your business to make transition with zero trouble.

Dynamics CRM comprises of dual different aspects that assist team members to deal with company’s requirements and functionalities, i.e. Analytical CRM and Operational CRM.

Operational CRM handles the data gathered and the interactions at the sales, marketing and services side of business. Whereas Analytical CRM helps in analyzing the collected data to understand and ensure customer behaviour and pattern to make desired changes to the product, marketing techniques or targeted audience. CRM is intended and equipped with useful tools that assist companies and various businesses to simplify the collection and analysis of client data, to optimize performance of departments, and to enhance reliability of the data and decisions.

CRM implementation services can cost you more if you don’t have much knowledge about the market. Outsourcing implementation CRM services from India can be effective and cost saving idea to consider because some of the best IT development centers are located in India. These are experts who aim for delivering best suitable CRM implementation services at least prices. To make a difference and taste the goodness and success, you must pick the right partner for your Microsoft Dynamics CRM implementation.

MS CRM Development Offers Customization Capabilities

Companies often use MS CRM development tools to organize their clientele. IT consultants offering professional CRM services are helping companies in making more profits at lower costs.

The business sector experiences throat-cut competition and every organization make several attempts to achieve growth and development in its field. But one should know that there are various elements that define growth of a company. Management plans various strategies to boost profit margins at lower expenditure. To achieve these profit margins, companies have started installing several software systems. These systems not only empower companies to manage their clients and particulars, but also help them in automating various processes.


How automation of processes influences productivity?

With automated processes, staff employees get more time to do other tasks. Did not get it? MS CRM Development system streamlines workflow of the management by automating various processes. This automation initiates productivity and bring extra time for department people to do other important tasks. Automated tasks and processes offer fast results with lesser bugs and errors. Hence, the team does not need to spend its time on fixing bugs and errors in the report and instead they can do something else in that period, which eventually influences productivity of the staff employees.

CRM development systems come with various business tools that help in simplifying business solutions. Dynamics CRM is a robust and powerful tool for every business as it helps in developing high end business solutions. It provides core insights of the business and a holistic view of clients. You can even get your customized design from the vendor without compromising any of the features.

CRM can be your perfect marketing partner as it is mainly focuses on the marketing, clients, and sales services field. It also assists various departments in managing campaigns and strategies together. The sales tools offered by CRM systems simplify internal sales processes and give extra time to sales department to focus on other crucial issues.

It makes sales department insightful, connected, productive, quick, and collaborative. Your marketing department can determine what clients are demanding and this is possible with CRM tool. These solutions help companies in understanding demands and desires made by clients. These also enable customer service desk to use fine strategies for satisfying potential clients.

A company hires MS CRM consultants for several services. These consultants can better guide them over CRM issues and services.

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Every business software solution should be user-friendly to achieve certain goals and objectives without losing potential clients. Microsoft dynamics CRM 2015 will be offering list of enhancements, including one literally audible. Users will be able to run Cortana (one of the enhancements) on Windows phone 8.1 and interact with their CRM suite.

CRM is a worth solution for businesses at it helps in handling all existing and potential clients. At times, enterprises stuck in a situation where they find no company to assist in CRM development. Well, this can be sorted out by availing CRM Outsourcing facilities from other countries. There are many ways to meet and make new clients for your businesses.


Microsoft discusses a vision for game changing CRM

According to Microsoft, some new tools are added to the latest version that makes it possible to transform CRM into more usable customer focused solution, something extra that was never offered before. The main objective of this latest version is to accelerate the way work is done to assure on time delivery by microsoft dynamics crm developers.

Microsoft dynamics CRM is a flexible and configurable platform that guides you how to achieve your target more quickly and efficiently. This is a user friendly platform that not only boosts up productivity but also focuses around “consumerization”. Microsoft has invested across several dimensions to take the Microsoft dynamics CRM to new heights.

  • Microsoft Dynamics CRM supports multiple browsers like Internet Explorer, Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and many others.
  • Microsoft dynamics CRM system is always directed to invest in vibrant user experiences. The latest version is designed so beautifully that it increases the speed and flexibility for everyday activities.
  • The latest platform is also synchronized with Microsoft apps to increase productivity and administration security.
  • There are excellent social collaboration facilities to help organizations communicate and connect with the customers. There are yammer servers, Microsoft SharePoint, and Skype communications to empower extra chat and video options.
  • The platform has introduced several cloud standards to ensure safety and security. The latest version not only protects sensitive data but also allows customers to meet diverse business range.
  • There are additional capabilities to make the integration process easy and flexible. Integration is a challenge for organizations and it may cause errors if not implemented correctly.
  • Extended Microsoft dynamics CRM is always looking options to make development process easy and less maintainable.

It is truly a wonderful time for Microsoft CRM developers to give cutting edge solutions to their clients. We are looking forward to keep you informed about progress and exciting features that will be delivered by Microsoft dynamics CRM today and in near future.

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Customized CRM solutions have many advantages. The world is full of such suppliers who aim for providing best customized variety of MS CRM Tools; yet only less get testimonials in accomplishing desired goals and targets.

More banking institutions are making modern approach for their business operations and choosing Microsoft Dynamics CRM to migrate from transaction-based business to customer-centric business. For this, banks have to think like their customers and consider their viewpoint for best outcome.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM Wealth Management Firms and Consideration Techniques

Microsoft Dynamics CRM DevelopmentWorld of the wealth management is very large and the investors of the management fields have a great variety of options. They have boutique firms, regional firms, large brokerage firms, independent dealers, independent brokers, local banks, international and national banks, brokerage of discount; RIA, etc are some of the examples varied and available for the wealth management for several type investors.

Due to the rapid growth of market choices of goods and technology become very vast and thus a great competition held in market with fierce. Total asset is growing for the choice of management technology and various related steps.

Stability and improved condition of the market is created to upheaval of the accounts of the consumers for the certain movements of the users for Microsoft dynamics CRM customization wealth management.

Deploying platforms of the advisor is important and useful for the advisor to attract the consideration of the clients and also to increase the number of clients in a certain manner.

There are many firms related information but there main five MS CRM development consideration of wealth management. These five CRM considerations for wealth management are as follows:

  • Referral programs and lead by the Introduction
  • Management of house holding and related activities
  • Which kind of data is belonging to the sales force is important to know for the CRM management of wealth
  • Lack of covering of certain important topics like right analytics
  • Going mobile is the good or we can say that it is the best service to understand the activities and themes of the wealth management

It is important to know the history and full story of the client is useful in a great manner for the advisor to work properly in the market. It is important because without knowing the full story, it is difficult to understand the clients and advisor can get a huge loss due to lack of information about the clients.

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MS CRM Developers Need to Know The Things They Don’t Know

Many of you will get confuse about the topic; this is what we are going to clear with this post. When you think of hiring MS CRM developer for your company, you may encounter some unskilled developers during the interview. Instead of telling them why they are not fitting in the position, HR simply tells them to leave after one or two rounds.

Service transformation in the Cloud using Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online for Government

With rapid moves and changes in technology, time is offering various opportunities for organizations regardless of the sizes- specifically in the public sector. Innovations around cloud and mobility via Microsoft Dynamics CRM are accelerating efficiencies and impact across all sectors and industries. Recent advancements in data management in all devices are delivering exceptional experiences and helping to reignite the potential of the workforce, which deliver supreme services to the users.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online

With Azure and Office 365, Microsoft is offering various business apps in dynamics CRM to empower government agencies to leverage cloud services to change the way of delivering services. After announcement of CRM services for government agencies, MS dynamics CRM vendors have started making commitment to bring premium cloud services to cater government employees’ requirements. The CRM solutions are specifically intended by companies on the basis of government security standards such as HIPPA and FedRAMP.

What benefits are offered by cloud services to government agencies?

Cloud services allow clients to deploy CRM solutions in cost effective way with a swift move. Cloud services will also offer control, flexibility and security to government or public sector organizations while leveraging their existing Microsoft products.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online is bringing the cloud platform and productivity apps together to empower public sector organizations with an ease of use, high efficiency, and collaboration environment. Users can shift seamlessly across apps while signing in the account and focus on achieving in-depth insights from the driven data to attain greater impact and services.

With customer-centric features and powerful capabilities, CRM 2015 releases is all set to deliver outstanding results and benefits to government employees.

We hope this article will encourage government agencies to adopt CRM technology to avail real-time benefits. You can leave your comments below and tell us about your views about the same.

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Update Rollup 21 for Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0

Update Rollup 21 software can be downloaded from Microsoft Download Center. The file is stored on secure servers and safe to access and download. Also, it is not possible to make any unauthorized changes to the file. The update can be quickly configured on computer running Microsoft Dynamic CRM server components.