Java – The Best Career Option For You

Java is one of the best things to have happened to the IT after the C++ programming language. It is the foundation of many websites, server-based and web-based applications and programs and is a great career option for the programming sector. Speaking of career development, you have an excellent scope in Java programming as it combines technical knowledge with creative thinking to create a product that could change the face of the Programming Language. However, what are the other aspects that make Java a fantastic career option for our future programmers? Read on to find the answer to this question.

Java jobs

   1. What is Java all about?

In simple terms, Java can be described as an object-oriented programming that simplifies coding and develops applications for software developers. Apart from being free of cost, it is user-friendly, highly secure and can be worked using reusable codes. It works on independent multiple platforms, and can automate memory management. It comes with reliable features such as frameworks, developmental equipment, APIs, IDEs and libraries. Java also allows embedded computing which helps in advancing personalised big data solutions.

   2. New developments in Java

Java has recently made a few changes in its features, which are some of the reasons which is so well-known in IT sectors.

a) Java has been recommended by Google for Android App Designing.
b) A feature known as Lambda Expressions of Java helps in functioning programming style coding.
c) The Interface with a Static and Default approach redesigns the system to help with present interface without execution.
d) Java has replaced the PermGen Space with a Metaspace for JVM Metadata storage.
e) Though not officially a default feature, you do get a Garbage collection option in Java.
f) You can work on I/O in Java using the Java.nio library.
g) You are assured of data security, thanks to its multiple security features.
h) Works with simple software development, and comes with a set of APIs.

  3. What are the career options for Java?

Java programmers can work with top software companies in a variety of fields such as web developers, application developers, app developers, software developers, web programmer and EJB programmer. Senior programmers can go on to work as Project Managers and Senior Managers in IT industries. Software industries always look for Java programmers to develop online web-based and server-based applications, firm applications and software industries – which generate a great income.

Candidates can even try for career options in Java Programming, Application Development along with EJB, Operating System Fundamentals, Programming, Software Engineering, Servelets and JSP Programming, Object Oriented Concept, Java for Android and Web Development, to name a few. The salary of a beginner-level Java programmer can range from Rs. 2 lakh to Rs. 5 lakh per annum. However, as in any job sector, your salary and perks also greatly depend on your qualifications and certificate courses, if any.

  4. The search for a good Java Institute

It is important to pursue Java Programming from a good institute to reap its career benefits. Therefore, you should look for premier institutes that offer the availability of various career options, regular online assistance, laboratory and practical facilities, live projects and lastly, the promise of a good income. Only such high-quality certification or training courses from good institutes would add value to your resume.

Java jobs Rajkot is thus one of the most preferred career options for the tech-savvy generation. Not only does it offer excellent pay, you would also be assured of complete job satisfaction and be able to present a successful corporate image of yourself within a short time.


Why Java Developers Need Java Messaging System?

This post shares info on Java Messaging System. Java developers are using it in their practice for several reasons. You can read the post and find the reasons.

Why messaging system?

In the electronics world, data is the actual term used for all information. For which data, “Message” term can be used? Let’s take simple scenario, if you are registering your details in the web portal, it takes all your information and store entire data in relational database which will be called as a Data. Once you registered successfully, an email functionality triggers and send an email to you saying that account is successfully created. This email event is called as messaging.

In traditional system, both registering new user and sending email are tightly coupled i.e. both are in same application. This design is extremely responsible for the system’s performance. Imagine 100s of user registering in 15 minutes, the same application should focus creating new user and sending email. This process is too costly. To avoid this issue, messaging systems are come into picture.

 It runs independently and just looks up for the message and doesn’t care about where messages are coming from. If the message arrives, it consumes the message and sends it to destination. This is called as loosely coupled and both applications run independently.

The responsibility of Web Portal is to create new user and to send email to user is messaging system’s responsibility. Messaging system is not only used for sending email. There are many scenarios where we need Messaging system such as notification, news feed etc.

There are many messaging system in the market. Rabbit MQ is one of such popular messaging systems in Java, which includes three roles – publisher, subscriber and queue.

Publisher is the one who sends the message. The sent message will store in temporally in a buffer called queue. Subscriber is the one who receives the message. The Rabbit MQ is having all these players that are required for messaging service.

Why we need Apache Kafka?

Since there are more matured messaging systems available in the world, why we need Apache Kafka? That’s a question that triggers developer’s mind.

The other messaging systems handle only low volume data. But Rabbit MQ handles 20K messages per second. Apache kafka handle 100K messages per second. Kafka provides easy way to create many kafka clusters which is called as broker. This is for maintaining load balance. If one broker gets down, the other automatically takes care.

Apache kafka persists the messages in hard disk and java developers can set life time of message.

Following players are included in the Apache Kafka in messaging system-

  • Topics
  • Producer
  • Brokers
  • Consumer


Topics hold the stream of messages. For example Topic “A” can hold the message “Hello World”. If we create a topic, kafka creates by default one partition. Partition contains sequence of index in which messages are get stored. Based on our requirement we can create many partitions in Topics as in the diagram.

Topic “A”

Partition 1
Partition 2
Partition 3


Producer uses the topics to send the messages to broker.


Consumer receives the messages from broker.


Broker acts like a middleware component for producer and consumer. If producer sends messages, those messages are maintained in broker. Consumers consume messages from broker.

Using kafka cluster we can create multiple brokers which maintain the messages and load balance. The beauty of Kafka broker is that it can handle many read/writes manipulation without any performance tuning.

The entire Kafka cluster runs in Zookeeper.

What is zookeeper?

Zookeeper is an environment that maintains all Kafka broker and its state. If any Kafka broker is down or not available, Zookeeper is liable to notify Consumer/Producer, so Consumer/Producer will start looking into another available Broker.

System diagram for Kafka messaging system:

Kafka messaging system environment

Kafka messaging system environment

Who are Leaders and Followers?

I have already told that we can create many Kafka brokers in which one Kafka broker is primary broker that handles all manipulation between Producer and Consumer. This Kafka is called as Leader and other Kafka brokers are called as followers. Due to some situation the leader Kafka is down or shut down for any reason, zookeeper selects a new leader from available follower, and notifies to Consumer/Producer about the new Kafka leader. Consumer/Producer starts looking into correct Kafka broker.

Kafka messaging system setup

Download zookeeper from following Apache link

After download go to download folder and open conf folder


You can see zoo_sample.cfg

Copy the this file as zoo.cfg

Open zoo.cfg

Change following property with correct path.

Data Dir=<Your path>

Zookeeper store all data in this path

You have done with Zookeeper configuration and this is a time start zookeeper server.


Double click highlighted file(zkServer) to start the zookeeper. You can see following console after starting the Zookeeper successfully.


Now we have configured Zookeeper for your Kafka server.

Download Kafka from following apache link

Extract the Kafka download folder as in below screenshot.


Go to bin folder and apply following command to start Kafka server.

kafka-server-start F:\Work\kafka\kafka\kafka_2.11-\config\

This command starts your Kafka server.

If you want to stop kafka server, go to kafka_2.11-\bin\windows and click kafka-server-stop

If you are using Linux, go to kafka_2.11-\bin\

Now we have kafka server that is ready to start. Once you started the kafka server, you can see following console


Kafka Producer

publicclass MyProducer


                publicstaticvoid main(String[] args) throws Exception{

                                Properties props = new Properties();

                                props.put("bootstrap.servers", "localhost:9092");

                                props.put("acks", "all");

                                props.put("retries", 0);

                                props.put("batch.size", 16384);

                                props.put("buffer.memory", 33554432);

                                props.put("key.serializer", "org.apache.kafka.common.serialization.StringSerializer");

                                props.put("value.serializer", "org.apache.kafka.common.serialization.StringSerializer");

                                 Producer<String, String>producer = new KafkaProducer(props);

                                for(inti = 0; i< 5; i++) {

                                                producer.send(new ProducerRecord<String, String>("test-topic", "Test-Key " + (i+1) ,"Test-Value" + (i+1)));





The above code sets necessary configuration for Kafka producer and creates a new topic called “test-topic” which carries the five different messages. This topic message is sent by producer using producer.send method.

Kafka Consumer

publicstaticvoid main(String[] args) {

                //Kafka Consumer configuration

 Properties props = new Properties();

 props.put("bootstrap.servers", "localhost:9092");

 props.put("", "test");

 props.put("", "true");

 props.put("", "1000");

 props.put("", "30000");

 props.put("key.deserializer", "org.apache.kafka.common.serialization.StringDeserializer");

                props.put("value.deserializer", "org.apache.kafka.common.serialization.StringDeserializer");

                      KafkaConsumer<String, String>consumer = new KafkaConsumer(props);



         ConsumerRecords<String, String>records = consumer.poll(100);

                                for (ConsumerRecord<String, String>record : records)

                                                  System.out.println("Partition Offset = " + record.offset() + " Key = " +  record.key() + " Value = " + record.value());



In the above code sets, the necessary configuration for kafka Consumer and receiving messages from a producer. The Producer carries the messages via topic called “test-topic”.


It will start up all available brokers in the kafka

We can set group name for multiple consumer. In our case our consumer belongs to test group.

It will commit the offset value based on

Using this timeout we can find out any failures in Kafka server.

Key.deserializer and value.deserializer

This is for internal string serialization process for message data.


This property is having three possible value which are 0, 1 and all. If set 0, producer doesn’t wait for acknowledgement. If set 1, producer accepts ack from leader, if set all, producer accepts ack from all replica i.e. if your kafka server is having more than 1 broker, it accepts the ack from all (Both leader and follower).


Number of try for sending messages to Consumer


Buffer size for batch size. Let say producer is sending multiple messages to a partition, he will use the batch.size.


The buffer.memory used by producer for sending messages.

Hope you have understood what Java Messaging System is and why java developers use it. If you have any question, ask from experts and get answered.

Why Hadoop Developers Require Training Sessions?

Hadoop technology is a pack of Opensource features that let developers to store and process big data in a distributed environment throughout computer clusters with the help of simple programming models.

The technology plays vital role in the professional life of those who are working in the IT field. If hadoop developers want to take a step ahead, they need to consider hadoop training.

hadoop training and developmentWhy hadoop? Answers are written below-

Hadoop Tells Latest Updates About Big Data Market                            

Once developers get complete training of hadoop, they are ready to deal with the latest updates coming from the Big Data market. Hadoop let them to store and process large amount of data with economical commodity hardware. Moreover, it acts as an operating system for HDFS- data file system.

Every other person now knows about Big Data after worldwide connectivity and cloud computing. Companies need to pay for the processing power only and they get storage as and when they need. Many challenges are posed by Big Data and Hadoop is a boon to such challenges.

Booming Vacancies In Hadoop Market

Hadoop development market is getting rich job listings in the past year. That means developers have a chance to take their career to the new path. This all started when big companies of the world begin hiring for hadoop developer skills.

Companies Are Keeping Pace With Competitors Using Hadoop

According the research made by IT leaders, hadoop is now a must-have technology for large enterprises. It is now not just a data platform. It is now considered as an essential part of the company.

Hadoop is a must-have skill that should be acquired anyway by developers. These are the reasons that explain the significance of hadoop technology for programmers and companies. Hadoop developers should know what is coming new with the technology.


How To Protect Your Intellectual Property While Outsourcing Java Development Projects

Intellectual assets or property of a person or a company hold many intangible things that are usually not visible through eyes, but valuable to someone. It includes trade secrets, designs, artistic work, trademarks, copyrights, concepts, company’s data, etc.

Companies encounter heavy competition and thus, they all need to protect their secret data from competitors and other third parties. This is why it is crucial to protect all your intellectual property while planning for outsourcing development project.

The requirement for outsourcing web development is rising with time and especially .net, PHP, and java development outsourcing have emerged as the significant and often outsourced web technologies. Protecting intellectual property is the concern for companies and businesses.

Many times businesses have caught unethical companies that have been misusing the technologies and intellectual property of clients. How the enterprises can protect their secret data and keep it safe forever?

Intellectual property

Here Are Few Tips That Will Help You Out

  • Well documented information security management policy

You must enquire about the information security management policy of a vendor prior providing your project details to them. There is a specific set of rules and regulations that every professional and vendor follows while handling the secret data of their clients. In case you find that the service provider is not taking the policy seriously or there is no policy, then you must look for another IT development firm.

Genuine vendor will provide project development policy and almost every vendor has a system in which every member of the company needs to sign a confidential agreement. You can search such vendor for your project.

  • Never explain the whole project, provide them required information only

This is one of the best ways to lower the risk of confidential property theft. You can set a limit on information you share with company regarding your project.

  • Source code and software ownership

It is important to clarify the ownership of the source code before they start with the project. There are companies and developers who agree to provide complete ownership of the source code and software, but then there are vendors exploit situations where clients don’t make first move towards discussion for the topic.

It hardly matters if your requirement is large or small; you should understand that safety of your data is critical thing that should not be compromised. When you think of hiring java development outsourcing vendor, you should select the one who meets all your requirements and above tips.

Outsourcing Java Services Is A Superior and Less Expensive Approach To Get Coolest Applications

New_Grafik_1_JavaOutsourcing java services from seaward advancement organizations is cutting another approach to make benefits for both the administration seeker and the supplier. Organizations offering such facilities are harvesting the profits alongside their customers. Particularly in the matter of India based Java services suppliers who are productive in making on-time quality conveyances for their clients. It’s a best place from where you can really benefit better and less expensive applications for your site or versatile.

On the off chance that you have a thought and need to contract offshore java developers to execute it and finish in effective way, India based Java administrations suppliers can turn into your accomplice. The specialists from Indian limits are greatly great and capable in conveying reasonable java development services around the world. You can either procure them on an hour premise or for full time according to the length of the undertaking. For long haul ventures, we suggest you to contract full time designers or outsource them from heading Java administrations suppliers. The group will work for your undertaking from seaward area. It implies you don’t oblige exceptional possessions for them; you can spare minimal more for your foundation.

Juggling in the middle of the improvement organizations can just waste your time

Having a spoonful of java services supplier may be not all that great for your venture. You can attempt and stand up in comparison the advancement administrations, yet verify you won’t lose your most valuable thing- the time. Make a rundown and impart your list of things to get with the suppliers. On the off chance that the organization is authentic, it won’t acknowledge your undertaking much the same as that. You have to say your particulars and prerequisites to give them a chance to see about the same. Proficient java advancement administrations suppliers have confidence in contributing their time while understanding the venture and that is the way they have any kind of effect.

You can correspondingly judge the dependability of your seller. Get some information about his related knowledge, what number of uses he has assembled, and clarify your necessities for fruitful conclusions. In the event that a merchant proposes you also any subtle element as the engineers are productive in conveying quality results, then say “goodbye” to him and attempt adjacent as you would prefer not to execute your venture according to the seller or his developer’s wish! A dependable seller will offer java benefits according to the customer’s necessity on the grounds that customer fulfillment is the main thing for which they endeavor deliberations.