Microsoft CRM Consultants Sharing Top Reasons to Use HubSpot and CRM Integration Services

It is the communication that keeps the relationship alive. Whether it is with relatives or clients, communication is a crucial thing to flourish relationship. Companies are making full utilization of communication to attract major leads from the market. Sales and marketing teams work together to get success. Sales team needs marketing in order to generate leads, while marketing team needs sales to close the leads they get. HubSpot and CRM integration help in enhancing communication between these two teams in several ways. Microsoft dynamics CRM integration consultants will explain why you should use such integration option.

Microsoft CRM consultants sharing top reasons to use HubSpot and CRM integration services

1. Automation :

This is a waste of thing if you really love doing data entry! HubSpot/CRM integration eliminates manual work by its automation technology. This will save your time and also ensure no entry gets skip from the list.

2. ROI :

Integrating the CRM and HubSpot is helpful in ensuring good ROI. It helps in determining the ROI of the inbound marketing by analyzing the new clients value and closings.

3. Closed loop reporting :

With this integrating tool, user can avail closed-loop analytics in HubSpot, with which he is able to keep the record when CRM leads convert to closings.

4. Record owner :

User has facility to customize emails to be sent by lead owner by syncing the CRM record owner’s name and email address to HubSpot.

5. Opt-out status :

This is an interesting feature rolled out by officials to allow user to sync a lead’s email subscription status to Hubspot and from HubSpot.

6. List segmentation :

List segmentation ensures that the sales team is having an access to qualified leads that are ready to buy.

7. Lead intelligence :

User can receive latest HubSpot analytic and conversion data to the CRM software. He can also sync the public profile URL of the contact to help sales team to review all the activities of the contact in HubSpot without login.

There are more features offered by CRM/Hubspot integration. You can explore more benefits online. For more updates regarding CRM technology, you can look after this space in future. You can even make queries to Microsoft dynamics CRM integration consultants regarding CRM and HubSpot integration. They will get in touch with you soon and reply.

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Hadoop Consultants Still In Hope To Take Consulting Business To Next Level

Hadoop deployments in production seem slower unexpectedly, but the job growth rate still giving hope to hadoop consultants to keep running their consulting business.

It’s like nothing will stop hadoop consulting companies. Even with anemic interest, amazing range of distinct projects, and complex setup that hold the unified thing, we call it Hadoop. Demand for hadooop development & consulting services will remain open- developers will get jobs in their field. Why? Why businesses haven’t moved on to better solutions? The major reason is that Hadoop brings a “wide framework that enables fragmented computation process.”
Hadoop Consultants Still In Hope To Take Consulting Business To Next Level
Apache Hadoop is one of those open source software frameworks that is written in Java to perform distributed storage and processing of big data sets on computer clusters that are made from commodity hardware.

A businessman knows how hadoop makes difference than other available business intelligence tools. However, it can be a maze for novice, yet they keep counting on this great framework. In current survey report, there are 26% users of hadoop framework and 54% have no plans to rely on hadoop.

Hadoop framework has potential to overkill many problems the business face. It implies that the opportunity cost of hadoop implementation is higher than expected profit margins. When comparing hadoop services with other trendy big data technologies, we found that hadoop consulting services continue to rise within the company- which is not same with other available big data technologies.

The ratio of people arriving into the world of big data each month is keep rising with time. Many developers now know how to develop any hadoop open source project for big data into enterprise quality platform. They have learned to combine big data technology and data warehouse with an integrated system. And also the way of using the cloud to develop hadoop clusters and speed up the process of getting hadoop dial tone is also known to developers; all because of intense demand made by business world to get hadoop services and solutions.

Things learned by developers and business world about hadoop-

  1. It’s a new platform

Big data infrastructure will impact on the process of using all information and not just big data. The ecosystem of Hadoop is developed a platform that is based on latest assumptions and capabilities. The latest introduced concepts including schema on read and feature to perform most intricate analytics at scale will help to change the way developers work. The ecosystem will replace few work completed by data warehouse ecosystem, like ETL and do more new things.

     2. It is complicated

Hadoop has a complex environment and developers need to do few things to make Hadoop work-

  • Develop a cluster of computers- it can be on cloud or on premise
  • Install and configure hadoop and other software components on same cluster.

By these two steps, all efforts made by developers can become fruitful and make hadoop easy to perform.

  • Run several workloads types on your cluster and manage it to make the workflow smoother.

These three points are valuable for novice to achieve better output and avoid common and big errors.

Even if Hadoop seems tough to work, hadoop consultants have ways to make their job little easy. This is why they still believe in growth of hadoop consulting business.

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How To Develop Custom Action Filter Attribute In Asp.Net MVC Development

The article is written by Aegissofttech developer in order to share information about creating custom Action Filter Attribute at MVC development platform. The development team is sharing its experience with global community, so that other country’s developers can learn from them and make best practices of development.

Develop Custom Action Filter Attribute

MVC Authentication using Filter Attribute:

Create Action Filter class:
An action filter consists of codes that run either before or after an action runs. It can be used for tasks like logging, privileged based authorization, authentication, caching etc.

How to create custom Action Filter Attribute:

  • Create a class “LoginAuthAttribute”
  • Inherit that class with “ActionFilterAttribute, IAuthenticationFilter”
  • Override “OnAuthenticationChallenge” method.
 public class LoginAuthAttribute : ActionFilterAttribute, IAuthenticationFilter  
 public void OnAuthentication(AuthenticationContext filterContext)  
 public void OnAuthenticationChallenge(AuthenticationChallengeContext filterContext)  
 var user = filterContext.HttpContext.User;  
 if (user == null || !user.Identity.IsAuthenticated)  
 filterContext.Result = new HttpUnauthorizedResult();  

You can see above code, the “OnAuthencitcationChallenge” method is overridden, we want to execute this method before any action is executed.

In above code as you can see, we check the user is authenticated or not, if user is not authenticated then we set Result as a UnAuthorisezed result.

Set form authentication mode in web config file as per below code.

 <authentication mode="Forms">  
 <forms loginUrl="~/Login" timeout="2880" />  

To use LoginAuthAttribute in our controller we are creating a new BaseController. So, others controller’s is this controller are inherited by this BaseController.

 public class BaseController : Controller  

Design Login form.

Create a Login controller and implement login method.

 public ActionResult Login(LoginModel model, string ReturnUrl)  
 FormsAuthentication.SetAuthCookie(model.UserName, false);  
 if (Url.IsLocalUrl(ReturnUrl) && ReturnUrl.Length > 1 && ReturnUrl.StartsWith("/")  
 && !ReturnUrl.StartsWith("//") && !ReturnUrl.StartsWith("/\\"))  
 return Redirect(ReturnUrl);  
 return RedirectToAction("Index", "Home");  
 public ActionResult Logout()  
 return RedirectToAction("Index", "Login");  

Create two method as per above code Login and Logout in Login Controller.

Create a HomeController and inherit this controller with “BaseController”

 public class HomeController : BaseController  

Now each and every action methods of Home Controller checks the user is authenticate of not before execute. If user is not authenticate then this will redirect to Login page.


In the above document we learned how to create custom attribute. Also learned how to use custom attribute with controller in MVC.

Author of this article is working with the Aegissofttech MVC development team. The post is published by expert to assist global developers and help them in making best development practices. To get more info on related topic, you can contact the Aegis experts anytime, any day, from anywhere. They will get in touch with you soon.

Author bio- Rohit is working with Aegissofttech since long time. Rohit has vast experience is developing MVC applications for global clients. This article story is published to let other developers know how they can develop a custom action filter attribute and use it for a project.

Essential Frameworks For Trailblazing Java Web Development Solutions

The enterprises using java apps and java web development frameworks are increasing every day. But the problem is that few enterprises are still using conventional web frameworks and they are not pretty much sure about the best web development framework. Even experts are not sure about best framework as there are plenty of choices available and all of them have some unique and interesting features.

In brief we can say web arena is facing a broad change due to technology advancements, market trends, and experts’ choice. This is the reason after deep research and expensive hands-on experience in Java; we have concluded 10 most popular web development frameworks that will help you in making the right decision.

Let us discuss on all of these frameworks for trailblazing web development solutions one by one :

  1. Struts 2

The robust web development framework has been designed to build enterprise web apps from sourcing to deployments. The framework is result for combined efforts of Strut community and WebWork. The best part is that it can create dynamic responses.

“Struts 2” is an improved version of previous one that assures clean code for web apps. It uses AJAX tags to create flexibility and making web apps more interactive. The Java developers who wants to play with open source code, struts 2 is recommended option.

  1. JSF

JSF is used to prepare server side interfaces for web applications. JSF is based on component oriented approach not on object oriented that makes java web development easy and more robust. it can be integrated with other Java frameworks on request.


  • Enterprise app development is easy and robust
  • JSF is considered fast as compared to server side interfaces
  • There is plenty of component libraries to help you
  1. Spring MVC

Spring MVC is works on presentation layer and applicable on wide product range. When working with Spring MVC, you can use objects everywhere, there is need to implement any base class. It also allows flexible data binding. it is taken as strategic and flexible web platform for Java web apps.

  1. Wicket

Wicket is a light weight component for designing robust java apps. It is suitable for apps that require high end GUI interface. It quickly distinguish business and application layer for eat template editing. this is a component based mode where component has its own state and model. if developers wanted to make most of their resources then Wicket can be consider best web development framework available so far.

  1. Stripes

This framework allows interaction between complex data objects. it support data binding, data validation, and data conversion. It is generally used to manage large volume of data that is highly complex in nature and difficult to manage by experts. Once you have registered for this web framework then it does not need for any external configuration. We can say stripes offer easy and efficient solution of complex problems in a web tier. This is a compact web framework with few dependencies.

  1. Tapestry

This is an open source and object oriented framework for designing powerful Java apps. It is based on MVC i.e. Model – View – Controller method and allows quick implantation of apps. The framework is much focused on methods, queries and functions instead of queries and URLs. It is based on modular approach for web development where UI on web pages are combined with their corresponding Java classes.

  1. RIFE

In this framework, each small is focused and approached carefully. A single app is divided into different modules; each developer has its own task so that it can be completed successfully. Whenever it is needed, one module can be effortlessly integrated with other one that is called seamless integration of modules. In this way, it is easy for developers to manage code, code replication and redundancies can also be reduced significantly.

  1. SEAM

This is an open source web framework suitable for designing internet rich applications. It integrates different technologies together like AJAX, Business Process Management (BPM), JSF, Java beans etc. it also deals with contexts basics. Web development is easy with JBOSS tools and design issues are also eliminated to a large extent. Some of highlights of SEAM include – Emailing, PDF creation, graph designing, worksheet formation etc.

  1. Google Web toolkit

GWT is a web development framework that allows developers to maintain and build Java apps. it would be easy for you to implement Google maps and Gmail with Google web toolkit. There are plenty of tools that make web development easy for developers. There is also AJAX assistance that allows them to write applications quicker. You can also test, share or edit AJAZ apps whenever necessary.

  1. OpenXava

This is a web development framework for designing AJAX apps at enterprise level. It helps developer in designing full – fledged Java apps that ready to market. It allows easy report generation and module generation. This is much faster as compared to MVC, Ruby etc.

Can Outsourcing Java Services Be An Answer To Technology Concerning Doubts Of People?

81a9d241-8159-42aa-a67d-ca285372005f.jpgStop-pick-go – life can be so easy if one receives guidance for every right thing. Most business people expect the same from their analysts and experts who help them in making several important decisions. But somewhere in the technology world, companies are afraid of innovative solutions – why? May be they did not get the right partner to outsource solution. Outsourcing java can be an answer to their technology concerning doubts. Java is top level development platform that helps in creating innovative apps and keep you one step ahead.

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How MapReduce Has Become YARN In Hadoop?

MapReduce has been changed completely in last few months and now it has become YARN (Yet Another Resource Navigator). So what should be used for your business either MapReduce or YARN? Which is better platform to manage Hadoop application software?

Hadoop Application Software

Resource Manager is one of the very important components available in YARN assures profits for your business. Further Resource Manager is divided into two parts – Scheduler and Application Manager.

When applications are in running state, the job of scheduler is to allocate resources in proper way. The just schedules resources, it does not monitors or tracks the Hadoop Application status. Also it does not make sure that tasks will be restarted once they are failed. The reason for failure of app may be hardware limitation, software problems or other resource allocation issues.

The scheduler generally completes its task based on application requirements and ignores other components usually that include CUP, memory, network, disk usage etc.  Next comes to Application Manager that manages task like monitoring progress, reporting status etc. Further resource manager is also clubbed up with high availability feature to make it more suitable for the job.

Resource Manager RM restart

Resource Manager Restart is a feature that enhances functionalities of resource manager to keep them active all the time. It is further divided into two phases – P1 and P2. P1 or phase 1 restores previous state where resource manager stopped working. It synchronizes overall process of Hadoop application or Hadoop software.

Phase 2 or P2 reconstructs running state of resource manager. It means application will not lose its productivity when it will be restarted.

  • Phase 1 Restart

The overall concept is that RM restart will resume metadata of Hadoop application and also stores final state of an application. Besides the final state, it also stores application credential like security key, code etc. It picks up metadata and resubmit the application. Simple resource manager cannot resubmit the application.

  • Phase 2 Restart

In Phase 2 also, RM restart will resume metadata of Hadoop application and also stores final state of an application. Besides the final state, it also stores application credential like security key, code etc. It picks up metadata and resubmit the application. Simple resource manager cannot resubmit the application. After this, it has the capability of preserving the previous state so application work will not lose even if it will be restarted later.

At Aegis, Our Hadoop developers and senior custom software development team has wonderful exposure on latest Hadoop techniques and frameworks. We have completed many successful projects in Hadoop that makes our Hadoop developers most suitable Hadoop development.

Essential Tools To Acquire Success In .Net Development Projects

Which Essential Tools Are Used By Developers To Acquire Success In Their Asp.Net Development Projects?

There are few special performance tools intended for development to optimize front-end performance of the applications. Below are the tools that help in reducing the size of images, CSS files, and JavaScript files that are used by developers during app building process:

Essential Tools To Acquire Success In Their .Net Development Projects

  • Sprite and Image optimization framework

The initial benefit of sprites is that they lower the count of requests to display a webpage. Requesting a heavy large image is faster as compared to requesting multiple small images. It is obvious the resources – JS files, images, CSS files that moved across the wire will make the website slow.
However, sprites are generally avoided by people as it requires a lot of work. To use them, developers need to combine all of the images and write the correct CSS rules to showcase the sub-images. But now, Sprite and image optimization framework makes the job easy by combining the images automatically for developers. Moreover, the framework also includes web forms control and mvc assistant that make the task of displaying sub images easier. This framework can be downloaded from CodePlex official website.

ySlow is a free tool for Firefox users that empowers them to test the front-end of the website. The results obtained by the tool are not perfect, but not bad too.

ELMAH or Error Logging Modules and Handlers is a tool intended for to record any error that happens to your website, so that you will prepare and review it in future. It is a freeware and can be downloaded from official ELMAH project website.

It is used to verify the position of the website. With pingdom, developers can check and monitor that the website is always up.

You heard right that content is the king. HTML spell checker helps in determining spelling errors and make the pages error free. You can add the extension of HTML spell checker to Visual Studio by selecting the menu option tools, extension manager in Visual studio. Then select the online gallery > search for HTML spell checker.

5. HTML spell checker

This blog entry has numerous tools that developers can use for developing their development project. These tools are performance tools and help in making websites high performing, enhancing SEO, verifying up time, and making error free web pages.

How CRM Integration Services Help Ease Implementation Of The System?

Integration of CRM solutions can be little hard on executives and managers. Moreover, if a company has ever introduced any sort of software, process, or system for its team for daily use, it must be aware of all those difficulties. Microsoft dynamics CRM integration services can be an ideal answer to such difficulties.

You may heard things like-

  • “We are used to the process, and we are meeting the results.”
  • “We think we need one more system to manage.”
  • “How can a software program bring revolutionary change in our routine process?”

Once CRM is implemented to your environment, you may face such kind of pushback. And it’s unarguable- our habits create us. When we become used to of any program or thing, we like it to stay that way. And this is how marketing and sales team does their job without any exception.

Fortunately, implementing CRM solutions don’t frustrate anybody. You can contact the services providers for CRM integration facilities as they know how to smoothen implementation process in no time.

How they do it?

Right CRM

Implementing the right CRM is always fruitful as it is the system that indicates how your company and the staff get benefit from CRM system. When you integrate apt CRM system to your company’s processes, you will reap maximum benefits, such as less workload, easy and secure access to data, simplified sales process, and well-optimized revenue flow.

You may need to bear consequences for not implementing correct CRM system, such as-

  • Poor work flow
  • Wastage of resources and money
  • Inefficient performance of sales team
  • More loopholes will dig out poorly managed sales pipeline

Things you can do-

Determine your needs and plan for CRM system accordingly. Whatever the requirements are, you need to meet them all efficiently.

Right training is the next big task. Behind every perfect CRM system, there is a skilled and experienced operator. You must train the staff and let the every member learn how to use the tools and features of CRM system. If your team members understand the importance of learning tricks to use implemented CRM, you will definitely get good results from it.

Things you can do-

Ensure your employees should attend training sessions. Make use of videos during demo to make them faster learners.

CRM integration services vendors are available throughout the world. You can get your choice of CRM solutions from them today!


Do The Risks Cover Up The Major Benefits Of Outsourcing CRM Services?

Most businesses are finding CRM outsourcing as essential tool to keep their management and sales team’s operations smooth. About 40% of CRM based applications are hosted over cloud and still counting. But this is not what you can expect with outsourcing CRM and integration services operations, such as sales programs or customer care. Companies do hesitate to outsource these operations- of course, for good reason.

Outsorucing CRM

Outsourcing has its own benefits- it is cheaper, scalable, and faster to implement. What has changed is companies now have to deal with people and not with software. Managing CRM operations in-house is always good and better than outsourcing – but only for companies that can invest their huge time and resources in order to get great quality user experience without affecting other critical business aspects. But if you can’t afford this luxury, then you have no option left except outsourcing CRM services to third party vendor.

Outsourcing best fits here-

  • Operations- There is only one thing that third party vendor bring and that’s the expertise. It is important for vendors to deliver quality service to customers. Outsourcers offering complete and continuous training program to their staff and making investment in latest technologies to integrate and support multichannel interaction, such as social media, email, and telephone.
  • Growth – There is always a scope of growth when you hire third party vendor or outsource CRM services like customer care.
  • Cost- You should not be mistaken by assuming that your outsourcing partner will be cheaper than managing internal operations, there are chances when you will end up spending less while outsourcing. Moreover, you don’t need to invest in high-end infrastructure or train staff employees.

And the problem is-

  • Data- Companies are facing difficult time in maintaining data. Over the time, data records get larger and maintaining the integrity of such records becomes difficult.
  • Control- In case you have outsourced customer care from third party vendor, you will lose your brand control.
  • Relationships- CRM is about managing customer relationship and in case your vendor fails to maintain customer relationship and clients are unsatisfied, then you will end up losing your clientele.

May be due to such risks, many companies are skipping looking at the benefits of CRM outsourcing. But, still there are businesses daring to avail such services to get the best results and growth.

Web Applications With Future Means Of Modifications And Their Demands

This is not easy to predict the exact future for us and when we are talking about the prediction of technology then this is totally unpredictable. Let us discus about the future scope of programming languages and the future and past of some important computer programs.

Web Applications With Future Means Of Modifications And Their Demands

Have you ever heard about ASP.NET? If you belong to the technical or computer study field then your answer will be yes definitely. It starts before ten years with some mistakes and now, it is still here with lots of changes in the program and also with the modification with the efforts of ASP.NET developers.

In the modern time, if you have no awareness about the future plans and don’t know what you want to do in future then you can be a language developer or experts and .NET. This is predicted for next 100 years that ASP.NET program will going to have a great future and this is really bright.

Microsoft have launched many programs and programming languages but with few successive years they got totally vanished due to low interest of the users but this is definitely not a program which change or decrease the user’s interest and all the credit is upto to the offshore ASP.NET developers.

They work hardly only for the users and to maintain their trust and interest on the program. C# is same type of language which is also come in between us on the same time, as ASP.NET has developed.

After few more years I can assume that there will be more bright future in the field of ASP.NET and C# both because they demand continuous development. Window building and the other related software apps for web plans are some important means for future planning.

Major certification verticals by Microsoft development and current track have three major means. These are as follows:

  • ALM
  • Applications for the web developments
  • Stores for the windows app