New Updates Rolled Out For Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online Users

The new version of Microsoft Dynamics CRM online 2016 focuses on three areas, i.e. productivity, mobility, and unified service. It is available in 130 markets and 44 languages. Users can get the both on-demand product and on-premises installation. Talking precise, officials rolled out Dynamics CRM 2016, Dynamics CRM online 2016 update, Dynamics Marketing 2016 update and Microsoft social engagement 2016 update.

New updates rolled out for Microsoft dynamics CRM online users

Productivity section of CRM 2016 seamlessly embeds into productivity tools, such as CRM app for Outlook, OneDrive, Office 365, and SharePoint for business. Mobility section includes complete offline mobile capabilities for tablets and mobile phones. It also has ability to create task-based mobile apps, cortana integration, and mobile app management with MS Intune. Unified service section delivers a single, unified solution for customer service across field service, self-service, and agent-assisted service.

Customer experience has become priority for brands yet some companies find difficulty in delivering great customer experience to their users. The motive behind these enhancements is to enable such companies to deliver amazing customer experiences via intelligent customer engagement. There are professionals offering end-to-end customer engagement solutions with which companies can deliver customer experiences that are personalized, predictive, and proactive.


Officials will enhance CRM app for Outlook, deliver Excel templates, harness the Office 365 Groups power, surface trending documents, OneDrive for business, etc.


Users will get intelligent processes for sales, marketing and services with the Cortana power and machine leaning.


They will continue to invest in mobile capabilities for phones and tablets with complete offline mobile capabilities, mobile app management, the ability to design task-based apps with next generation Cortana integration and MS Intune that surfaces CRM data to drive proactive interaction and voice-driven CRM.

With the recent updates Microsoft Dynamics CRM online , companies can empower their marketing team to seamlessly go as per the planning, execution, leveraging the power of Office 365 and Power BI to measure marketing performance across channels from beginning to end as it will help in bringing the marketing vision to life. Companies can engage their clients, build sales pipeline, and demo the impact of marketing investments in real time.

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With recent features unveiled for MS dynamics CRM 2015, several enhancements have been made to outlook and the Sync process. Microsoft CRM developers will note and outline all major enhancements in this post for entire CRM development community across the world.


Service transformation in the Cloud using Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online for Government

With rapid moves and changes in technology, time is offering various opportunities for organizations regardless of the sizes- specifically in the public sector. Innovations around cloud and mobility via Microsoft Dynamics CRM are accelerating efficiencies and impact across all sectors and industries. Recent advancements in data management in all devices are delivering exceptional experiences and helping to reignite the potential of the workforce, which deliver supreme services to the users.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online

With Azure and Office 365, Microsoft is offering various business apps in dynamics CRM to empower government agencies to leverage cloud services to change the way of delivering services. After announcement of CRM services for government agencies, MS dynamics CRM vendors have started making commitment to bring premium cloud services to cater government employees’ requirements. The CRM solutions are specifically intended by companies on the basis of government security standards such as HIPPA and FedRAMP.

What benefits are offered by cloud services to government agencies?

Cloud services allow clients to deploy CRM solutions in cost effective way with a swift move. Cloud services will also offer control, flexibility and security to government or public sector organizations while leveraging their existing Microsoft products.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online is bringing the cloud platform and productivity apps together to empower public sector organizations with an ease of use, high efficiency, and collaboration environment. Users can shift seamlessly across apps while signing in the account and focus on achieving in-depth insights from the driven data to attain greater impact and services.

With customer-centric features and powerful capabilities, CRM 2015 releases is all set to deliver outstanding results and benefits to government employees.

We hope this article will encourage government agencies to adopt CRM technology to avail real-time benefits. You can leave your comments below and tell us about your views about the same.

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Update Rollup 21 for Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0

Update Rollup 21 software can be downloaded from Microsoft Download Center. The file is stored on secure servers and safe to access and download. Also, it is not possible to make any unauthorized changes to the file. The update can be quickly configured on computer running Microsoft Dynamic CRM server components.