.Net Developers In India – Need Of The Hour

India has become the hub of technology, in fact the youth of today is synonymous with the IT generation.IT is regarded as one of the most lucrative career option which also provides an easy connect to the western nations.

With technology fast evolving, the internet and the cloud have seen a lot of advancements however the fundamentals still remain the same. This goes well with .net as well. There are already loads of .net developers in India and the demand is still growing as .NET is a very widely used language.

Apart from just offshore demand there is a lot of outsourcing demand for software professionals who are regularly needed to work both onsite as well as offshore. As we all are aware, that there is a huge supply of software professionals in India which leads to a competitive advantage for India. Therefore, India is able to provide its software development services at a cheaper price as compared to from the western countries, which leads to outsourcing of all the development work from all over the world to India.web dev .net

Why Is .NET Suitable In Various Industries?

  • We all are aware that .NET is one of the most preferred languages as far as development is concerned.However the big question is why it is one of the most desired languages. There are very many reason for it to be so.Few of the reasons are because of growing web technology and growing virtual presence of business and customers, customers extensive knowledge and readiness to learn and adapt and the growth of business which now require a must robust platform to sell their services.
  • .NET is one of the most preferred languages and very versatile and is widely being used in B2C and B2B ,along with many eCommerce businesses. ASP.Net us also very suitable for research and marketing purpose such as polls and survey website which aims at capturing the views of the audience. Other than that it plays a very vital role in CMS, newsletters and forums, as it is easy to comprehend and understand.
  • Other than functionality, .NET works out to be more feasible as compared to its counterpart as it requires less rework and has a greater appeal factor.

.Net developers in India are very much in demand because of their caliber and growing need and demand for the language. There are many ways buy which they are paid, however broadly two ways are much more in use which is pay per hour and a predicated project based cost.

These negotiations are normally left for the senior management to do, basically the .net developers in India are generally paid a monthly salary unlike contractors who work on a fixed price per day or project. Last but not the least, technology has previously changed and will definitely change and evolve according to the changing environment, however a budding .net developer must always understand the importance of fundamentals, as the fundamentals never change ,it’s just the way how they are used changes.



ASP.Net Development Platforms Are Dissimilar

Officials have not designed all asp.net platforms equal. Here we will explain key factors that differentiate the platforms that change the way of interacting with CMS for the end user.

We are sharing an overview of these points, adopted from the Aegis Soft tech’s works and opinions. Developers are using asp.net mvc development platform to make a modern approach towards development.

.net platform

  1. Architecture- Tightly Coupled Vs Decoupled

A decoupled architecture can bring you flexibility to design your front-end and leverage your content management potential. In this architecture, content managing application is not equal to content delivering application.

In this situation, the CMS doesn’t dictate the stack, or required the set of technologies to deliver the website and content. Decoupled architecture model delivers content anywhere and in any format.

However, tightly coupled architecture is different and everything ranging from web content, analytics data, customer data, content delivery, and website presentation take place in a single database and app framework.

  1. Development Model – Web Forms Vs MVC

Web forms and MVC are two approaches examined by developers to code your front-end experience.

Asp.net web forms approach is conventional model and Microsoft officials intended web forms to assist developers in getting familiar with client server development swiftly migrate to creating web pages using a visual RAD interface.

The issue with Web Forms is that they support tightly coupled architecture. This explains the app code and the interface cannot be easily recycled.

MVC offers unique architectural pattern to developers. It is a modern approach to asp.net development.

Using MVC, a request can be sent to the Controller which later determines the Model and UI type to put together in order to develop apt front end interface.

You can also make use of Razor in MVC.

  1. Structured Content Vs Blob Content

In the IT world, where everyday new devices and channels are arriving, the content recycling task is absolutely critical. It takes several forms. It could be updating the content on multiple webpages or mobile devices, or for both digital and print.

Blob content is also known as binary large object content. Several CMS platforms are still storing content in blob format. You need a large WYSIWYG editing environment where you do content writing of the page, that includes multimedia, images, and some documents; and everything is stored as a Blob in the database.

Developers can rely on their precision expertise to explore asp.net mvc development platforms.




How to Implement Convent Accordion plugin in ASP.NET MVC

A convent accordion plugin is one of those open source plugins that are relied on JQuery. To implement this plugin, you must meet minimum requirements that are discussed below in this article. Follow the instructions shared by asp.net development experts and learn their technique to implement convent accordion plugin in asp.net MVC development.

Today we are going to implement Convent Accordion plugin in asp.net MVC. Convent Accordion plugin is an open source plugin for jQuery. This plugin is depended on jQuery. Here we will see the basic example to implement it step by step.

Requirements :

jQuery Library reference :

jQuery Easing reference :

Convent Accordion Library reference

Convent Accordion Styles reference

after downloading this file store it in JS folder, folder structure will look like this.

 JS folder structure

And store css stylesheet file in css folder.

So now first of all we need to set the reference of downloaded JavaScript libraries and css styles.

<script src=”@Url.Content(“~/js/jquery.min.js”) type=”text/javascript”></script>

<script src=”@Url.Content(“~/js/jquery.conventAccordion.js”) type=”text/javascript”></script>

<script src=”@Url.Content(“~/js/jquery.easing.1.3.js”) type=”text/javascript”></script>

<link href=”@Url.Content(“~/css/style.css”) rel=”stylesheet” />

Now we will add following HTML Content in view for Accordion:

<ol class=”rounded basic” id=”cAccordion” style=”width803pxheight125pxlist-style-typenone”>


        <div>Slide A</div>


            <img src=”img-demo/Image-1.png” alt=”image” />




        <div>Slide B</div>


            <img src=”img-demo/Image-2.png” alt=”image” />




You can set any HTML content instead of images.

Now we need to set following script to set Convent Accordion.


    (function ($, d) {


            autoPlay: false,

            startSlide: 1,

            remember: false,

            slideInterval: 2000,

            pauseOnHover: true,

            actOnHover: false,

            continuous: false,

            autoScaleImages: true,

            easing: ‘easeInOutQuart’


    })(jQuery, document);


After Implementation it will look like this.


You can try and make practice for asp.net development using Convent Accordion plugin. The purpose of ASP.NET MVC web development experts is to make you learn how to implement this plugin in asp.net mvc. If you still have doubts, clear them by asking our experts.

How To Develop Custom Action Filter Attribute In Asp.Net MVC Development

The article is written by Aegissofttech developer in order to share information about creating custom Action Filter Attribute at asp.net MVC development platform. The development team is sharing its experience with global community, so that other country’s developers can learn from them and make best practices of asp.net development.

Develop Custom Action Filter Attribute

MVC Authentication using Filter Attribute:

Create Action Filter class:
An action filter consists of codes that run either before or after an action runs. It can be used for tasks like logging, privileged based authorization, authentication, caching etc.

How to create custom Action Filter Attribute:

  • Create a class “LoginAuthAttribute”
  • Inherit that class with “ActionFilterAttribute, IAuthenticationFilter”
  • Override “OnAuthenticationChallenge” method.
 public class LoginAuthAttribute : ActionFilterAttribute, IAuthenticationFilter  
 public void OnAuthentication(AuthenticationContext filterContext)  
 public void OnAuthenticationChallenge(AuthenticationChallengeContext filterContext)  
 var user = filterContext.HttpContext.User;  
 if (user == null || !user.Identity.IsAuthenticated)  
 filterContext.Result = new HttpUnauthorizedResult();  

You can see above code, the “OnAuthencitcationChallenge” method is overridden, we want to execute this method before any action is executed.

In above code as you can see, we check the user is authenticated or not, if user is not authenticated then we set Result as a UnAuthorisezed result.

Set form authentication mode in web config file as per below code.

 <authentication mode="Forms">  
 <forms loginUrl="~/Login" timeout="2880" />  

To use LoginAuthAttribute in our controller we are creating a new BaseController. So, others controller’s is this controller are inherited by this BaseController.

 public class BaseController : Controller  

Design Login form.

Create a Login controller and implement login method.

 public ActionResult Login(LoginModel model, string ReturnUrl)  
 FormsAuthentication.SetAuthCookie(model.UserName, false);  
 if (Url.IsLocalUrl(ReturnUrl) && ReturnUrl.Length > 1 && ReturnUrl.StartsWith("/")  
 && !ReturnUrl.StartsWith("//") && !ReturnUrl.StartsWith("/\\"))  
 return Redirect(ReturnUrl);  
 return RedirectToAction("Index", "Home");  
 public ActionResult Logout()  
 return RedirectToAction("Index", "Login");  

Create two method as per above code Login and Logout in Login Controller.

Create a HomeController and inherit this controller with “BaseController”

 public class HomeController : BaseController  

Now each and every action methods of Home Controller checks the user is authenticate of not before execute. If user is not authenticate then this will redirect to Login page.


In the above document we learned how to create custom attribute. Also learned how to use custom attribute with controller in MVC.

Author of this article is working with the Aegissofttech asp.net MVC development team. The post is published by expert to assist global developers and help them in making best development practices. To get more info on related topic, you can contact the Aegis experts anytime, any day, from anywhere. They will get in touch with you soon.

Author bio- Rohit is working with Aegissofttech since long time. Rohit has vast experience is developing asp.net MVC applications for global clients. This article story is published to let other developers know how they can develop a custom action filter attribute and use it for a project.

Essential Tools To Acquire Success In .Net Development Projects

Which Essential Tools Are Used By Developers To Acquire Success In Their Asp.Net Development Projects?

There are few special performance tools intended for asp.net development to optimize front-end performance of the applications. Below are the tools that help in reducing the size of images, CSS files, and JavaScript files that are used by developers during app building process:

Essential Tools To Acquire Success In Their .Net Development Projects

  • Sprite and Image optimization framework

The initial benefit of sprites is that they lower the count of requests to display a webpage. Requesting a heavy large image is faster as compared to requesting multiple small images. It is obvious the resources – JS files, images, CSS files that moved across the wire will make the website slow.
However, sprites are generally avoided by people as it requires a lot of work. To use them, developers need to combine all of the images and write the correct CSS rules to showcase the sub-images. But now, Sprite and image optimization framework makes the job easy by combining the images automatically for developers. Moreover, the framework also includes asp.net web forms control and asp.net mvc assistant that make the task of displaying sub images easier. This framework can be downloaded from CodePlex official website.

ySlow is a free tool for Firefox users that empowers them to test the front-end of the website. The results obtained by the tool are not perfect, but not bad too.

ELMAH or Error Logging Modules and Handlers is a tool intended for asp.net to record any error that happens to your website, so that you will prepare and review it in future. It is a freeware and can be downloaded from official ELMAH project website.

It is used to verify the position of the website. With pingdom, developers can check and monitor that the website is always up.

You heard right that content is the king. HTML spell checker helps in determining spelling errors and make the asp.net pages error free. You can add the extension of HTML spell checker to Visual Studio by selecting the menu option tools, extension manager in Visual studio. Then select the online gallery > search for HTML spell checker.

5. HTML spell checker

This blog entry has numerous tools that developers can use for developing their asp.net development project. These tools are performance tools and help in making websites high performing, enhancing SEO, verifying up time, and making error free web pages.

Web Applications With Future Means Of Modifications And Their Demands

This is not easy to predict the exact future for us and when we are talking about the prediction of technology then this is totally unpredictable. Let us discus about the future scope of programming languages and the future and past of some important computer programs.

Web Applications With Future Means Of Modifications And Their Demands

Have you ever heard about ASP.NET? If you belong to the technical or computer study field then your answer will be yes definitely. It starts before ten years with some mistakes and now, it is still here with lots of changes in the program and also with the modification with the efforts of ASP.NET developers.

In the modern time, if you have no awareness about the future plans and don’t know what you want to do in future then you can be a language developer or experts and .NET. This is predicted for next 100 years that ASP.NET program will going to have a great future and this is really bright.

Microsoft have launched many programs and programming languages but with few successive years they got totally vanished due to low interest of the users but this is definitely not a program which change or decrease the user’s interest and all the credit is upto to the offshore ASP.NET developers.

They work hardly only for the users and to maintain their trust and interest on the program. C# is same type of language which is also come in between us on the same time, as ASP.NET has developed.

After few more years I can assume that there will be more bright future in the field of ASP.NET and C# both because they demand continuous development. Window building and the other related software apps for web plans are some important means for future planning.

Major certification verticals by Microsoft development and current track have three major means. These are as follows:

  • ALM
  • Applications for the web developments
  • Stores for the windows app

What to do and don’t do While Hiring an ASP.NET MVC Developer?

How to find and hire ASP.NET MVC Developer?

Technology has evolved a lot in last few years. It would not be an exaggeration that technology is evolving at a rapid speed. ASP.Net is a technology which has completely changed the way how users used to practice, process and interact with the ideas in their daily life. It was introduced by the Microsoft Corporation to provide developers with an all new robust technology which can build trustable and sustainable apps on Internet. Now, ASP.NET has grown so much that it can compete with ever evolving needs of users.


ASP.NET offers systematized programming approach which is in great demand among developers. ASP.NET has gained a lot of popularity in last few years and this is the reason that it is getting bigger and better by day and day.

What to do While Hiring an ASP.NET MVC Developer?


Just going through the development portfolio is not a right way to hire an ASP.NET mvc developer. Try to get into the details as much as you can and if possible, enquire the provider by yourself. Going with reliable personal references is a good choice. You can trust on internet searches but, you will need to do a complete verification which is a time consuming process.
While looking at the portfolio section, do not forget to check out the credentials of the applicant like partners and certificates. You should try to get more details on how the applicant helped the company with Asp.net development. Taking a look at the reviews and ratings is also a decent way while hiring an ASP.NET mvc developer. Always read all the terms and policies attached with the portfolio.

What Not to Do While Hiring ASP.NET MVC Developer?


ASP.NET developer plays a very vital role so making hurry while hiring an ASP.NET developer is not a desirable thing to do. Your money and project, both are on the stake so don’t just trust a company just because their portfolio looks beautiful. Always ask company’s brochure and accreditation certificates while doing the hiring.

Never ever hire a person or company before checking the qualifications in details. Make sure that the applicant possesses all the necessary and required experience needed to do the job. Experienced applicant should always be given the priority. Discussing about the past projects and applicants view on those projects is a good step while hiring an ASP.NET MVC developer.

Mistakes are Made by C# Programmers : How You Can Avoid Them?

What common mistakes are made by C# programmers and how you can avoid them?


  • Using a reference like a value or using value like a reference

This usually happens in case of a novice C# programmer. If you don’t know about the object and can’t differentiate in between value type and reference type, you could run into some surprises.


In the above image, both the Point and Pen objects were made in similar manner, however the Point1 value remained constant when X coordinate value was assigned to Point2. But the Pen1 was changed while developer assigned new color to Pen2.

How to know that pint1 and point 2 both contain their own copy of a point object, but pen1 and pen2 consist references to the same Pen object?

You can place your cursor over the name of the object type and press F12 tab. This can be easily done in Visual studio. It is important to know that you are dealing with apt type of object or not.

public struct Point { … }     // defines a “value” type

public class Pen { … }        // defines a “reference” type

  • Not understanding or misunderstanding default values for uninitialized variables

Please note- the value types cannot be null in C#. Each value type has its own default value. Even uninitialized variables of value types contain their default value.

  • Implementing unspecified string comparison methods

Many programmers use ‘==’ operator to compare string. This method is one of the least desirable methods used by programmers as it doesn’t specify the comparison type desired for code. Professionals recommend using Equals method to test string equality.

Some tips and guidelines to use equals method:

  • While comparing strings input by user, culture-sensitive comparison should be used (CurrentCulture or CurrentCultureIgnoreCase).

  • You can use ordinal comparison (Ordinal or OrdinalIgnoreCase) while comparing programmatic strings

Note- besides Equals method, you can also avail Compare method that provides you information on relative orders of strings or test for equality.

  • Failing to consider the underlying LINQ statement objects

LINQ is useful and consistent method to query collections of objects, still you need to know whether your statement will be translated to other language other than C# or not, this ensures the code behavior that is expected at runtime.

Some other mistakes are:

  • Avoiding exceptions

  • Eliminating free resources

  • Making use of wrong type of collection for the project

  • Getting puzzled with extension methods

  • Allowing compiler warnings to accumulate

Things NOT to do in ASP.net development

Why India based .net application development service providing companies are a way better than others

The .Net app development platform could be a important methodology of developing web primarily based applications. The developers assist businesses in leverage the computer code assets they possess and provide latest economical computer code development services to shoppers. .net application development services offered by India based companies are considered to be reliable as compared to freelancers. These companies having qualified engineers who use their intuitive minds to develop less complicated nonetheless subtle applications for net and mobile devices. India based .net application development service India is a hub where you will get fine variety of software app development companies.It’s an area wherever you’ll expect quality result driven applications at lowest prices. Each international business wants to get engage with India based IT .net application development companies to avail inexpensive yet efficient software solution on time. Outsourcing of ASP.Net development in Asian country saves time and cash of such enterprises. This has become a trend currently as a lot of overseas firms area unit creating Indian firms as their partners to produce outsourcing facilities at lowest price. The Asp.net application development services comprise:

  • Payment gateway integration
  • Application deployment
  • Database and data migration
  • App support and maintenance
  • Development and enhancements
  • Web based app development
  • Mobile and smartphone app development
  • Technical assistance

.Net developers working in IT companies in India are just a brilliant source to get discounted application development services. They are reliable, intuitive, and innovative in designing and developing apps using latest technology and methodologies. Advantages of app development companies over .net freelancers:

  • You can trust a company as it won’t get shut down suddenly, but you can’t stop freelancer to run away leaving your project in the middle.
  • Company has its own resources, so you don’t need to worry; you project anyway will going to be accomplished in the decided time frame.
  • You can’t afford per hour freelancers for your long duration projects. You will anyway require a .net application development company for your project.

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